is a developer and a publisher of small heroes - also called apps for touchable devices.


who we are is a project founded by Andreas Siebert in June 2012 in the beautiful & splendid city of Cologne with the aim to design & and build applications for mobile devices and make them accessible. Under this project, mobile applications are designed and built, and then published on


a way to go

We love mobile apps and want build a better app-world.

Better in the following sence:
useful: solve a problem
simple: easy to understand
connected: support the interaction between people, backed up by servers.


how we can do it

Years of experience in app-constructing and app-consulting led us finally to development of our own mobile apps. We have mainly dealt with servers and web-based technologies in the past. Data organization, its distribution and access to it - these questions are engaged in as a backend developer. This knowledge allows us now to develop mobile applications for touchable devices like smartphones and touchpads with a connection to any web-service. We love to work with Java and JavaScript-based technologies. But we also like to look outside of the box.

We compiled a collection of small heroes that we have built.

Mr. Red - caclucates discount-prices

Mr. Red

- discount-price calculator -

Mr. Red - calculates discount-prices
Mr. Tan - handles mobile TANs

Mr. Tan

- mobile TAN manager -

Mr. Red - calculates discount-prices


- will find out it later -

We are currently accepting new mobile- & web-projects! Get in touch with us.

Mauritiuswall 30, 50676 Köln/Cologne, Germany